Matsyasana   –   Detailed Description  

A great saint namely Matsyendra Maharshi Created this Yoga posture thats why it got name as “ Matsyasana “. The one who masters this asana can float on the water like a fish.

Type 1

Type1 - Matsyasana

Type1 – Matsyasana

The way  how to Do

Cheyu State

Step 1

The persons who can bend the legs well has to sit in “ Padmasana ” as shown below. Most of the people feel its very tough to do padmasana. If its not possible to do padmasana then don’t think we can’t perform this Matsyasana. Instead of padmasana we can sit in Ardha Padmasna , sukasana and normal siiting posture as shown in below figure.




Ardha padmasana

Ardha padmasana



Normal sitting posture

Normal sitting posture


Step 2 After that place one arm upto the elbow on the ground and bend the chest backwards slowly. After place other arm upto the elbow on ground and by basing the arms bend backwards completely and lay down on the floor and stretch the hands towards the legs.
Step 3Take a grip with the thighs by holding them with palms and then by pressing both the elbows to the ground lift up the waist and chest and tilt the head backwards completely and place the crown area on to the ground. Don’t have complete weight of body on to the head, have a weight support with hands too. Close the eyes completely.


Type 2

Type2 - Matsyasana

Step 1 Lay down on the floor by facing entire front portion of our body towards the roof.  Keep both the palms under the bumps for the support. And stretch the feet forward as shown in the figure.
Step 2
By taking the weight support with elbows, slowly lift the waist, chest and head above the floor and form an arch, tilt the head completely back and keep the crown area of head on to the ground. Make sure entire weight of upper body will fall more on elbows not on neck. Now close the Eyes.


Asana State

We should hold the posture for some amount of time without any movements in the body.

How much time to be in the posture


Similarly from 2nd month on wards increase by 3 to 5 secs every month for all types of persons.At max can do up to 5 to 10 mins never cross the maximum limit. But to get the optimum benefits for our life style, up to 5 mins is enough.


Rest State

Do Shavasana

Lay down on the floor face looking the roof . Stretch legs and have a 2 foot distance between them and leave them freely. Stretch both the hands by placing palms facing the roof and have a 7 inch distance from body to each palm. Close the eyes. Now all the back parts of our body are touched to the ground. Now leave all the weight on to the floor and leave all tensions and thoughts from your mind. keep mind on the breaths. And Relax completely.  Be in this posture for 1/2 to 1 minutes.



Wrong Matsyasana posture

Mainly in this Asana, neck front and back both portions will get benefitted. If we won’t tilt the head back completely and place crown area on the floor then no use.





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